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Capt rudy a.h. – rusty pilot initiator

The longing to fly will always be in a pilot. When they know how to fly a plane and feel the world’s beauty from above, I’m sure that feeling will always be attached to a pilot. That’s why, I believe of the saying, “Once a pilot, always a Pilot!”

Rusty Pilot is designed to be a forum for gathering senior pilot friends or those who have retired from anywhere, who miss flying or just hanging out and being able to fly again to feel the nostalgia of flying like the old days of flight training.

“Rusty Pilot is designed for all the senior Pilots who miss flying and passion for aviation.”

No need to worry; all aircraft and accompanying pilots at IFC have complied with existing rules, from CASR regulations to the insurance they have.

“Once a pilot, always a Pilot!” – Capt. Rudy A.H

To accommodate members who want to become pilots, the Indonesia Flying Club provides a program for hobby-based pilots by providing training to get a Sport Pilot License (SPL) certificate, and members.

With the Indonesian Flying Club’s compassion and concern for AB-initio pilots in entering their careers, we dedicate the Cessna 152 and Cessna 172 aircraft unit as a supporting facility for the program to gain flying hours and facilitate them in increasing knowledge and sharing aviation knowledge by senior pilots/pilot instructors in order to maintain AB -initio professional skills and maintain knowledge before finally becoming a commercial pilot.

Indonesia Flying Club is now present as a non-profit organization with OC 91-022.

We are here to provide access for Aviators by providing 2 (two) dedicated certified aircraft Cessna 172 / PK-IFD and Cessna 152 / PK – IFC.

“We Have the Power to Impact Our Members, and We’re Doing Something About It!”

Sigit H. Samsu – IFC President

Instantly Get Your Benefits

Recurrent – Flight – Community

Instant Benefits

We will conduct a series of flying experience for Rusty Pilot, A Brief explanation before and after flying experience is also required and all Rusty Aviator will receive a certificate and temporary membership at IFC.


Recurrent training is a process that all pilots go through to maintain their flying qualifications and stay up to date on the latest safety regulations and procedures.


We offer you flight experience to challenge your adrenaline in the sky with our professional certified pilot and our serviceable aircraft. Let’s get started.


We offer resources, tips, and support to help you get back into the cockpit and start flying again. The Rusty Pilot Community is here to help you reach your goals.

Our Aircraft

Since the rusty pilot program was initiated, we have involved an Indonesian Flying Club – IFC, that is ready to facilitate all activities in this rusty pilot program. With their planes, they are serviceable for every flying activity of the members and participants of rusty pilot program.

Cessna 152

Is an American high-wing, two-seat, fixed three-wheel general aviation aircraft, used primarily for flight training and personal use. Cessna 152 is the most succesfull aircraft in history.

Under Registration PK-IFC.


Capacity 2 Person; Speed 85 – 95 Knot; Maximum Altitude 13.000 ft; Engine Power 110 Bhp; Endurance 3 Hrs; Fuel Avgas 100 LL, 37.5 U.S Gallon.

Cessna 172

Is an American a four-seat, single-engine, high-wing fixed-wing aircraft manufactured by the Cessna Aircraft Company, Cessna 172 is the most succesfull aircraft in history.

Under Registration PK-IFD, PK-IFR, PK-IFN and PK-IFJ.


Capacity 4 Person; Speed 90 – 110 Knot; Maximum Altitude 13.000 ft; Engine Power 160 Bhp; Endurance 4 Hrs; Fuel Avgas 100 LL, 43.5 U.S Gallon.

Our Hangar Location

Are you looking for the perfect place to store your aircraft? Look no further – our Hangar location is the place for you. With our state-of-the-art facilities, we provide the most secure and reliable environment for your aircraft. Our Hangar location is situated in a prime location, offering easy access to major airports and highways. We have the highest security standards, with 24-hour surveillance and a variety of additional features to ensure the safety and security of your aircraft. Whether you’re a business or a private owner, our Hangar location is the ideal place to store your aircraft.

Pondok Cabe

Our hangar facility located in Pondok Cabe, South Tangerang (WIHP). We provide the flexibility and the comfort for you to fly. And we also have a class room, hangar lounge, and maintenance area to make sure all the aircraft owner get their best practical solutions when it comes to aircraft maintenance.  

Tanjung Lesung

Pack your bag, bring your family, and fly on the weekend at Tanjung Lesung! We are offering you a new experience for you to spend the holiday privately with your beloved ones! It takes only approximately 45 minutes (depends on the weather) to fly to our hangar facility at Tanjung Lesung.


Our Pilot

The Rusty Pilot program is fully supported by the Indonesia Flying Club. Including experienced pilots who have sufficient flying hours in operating available aircraft.

Capt. Cindy Mutiara

Ab Initio Pilot – Patangga

IFC active members

Capt. Gilbert

Ab Initio Pilot – Megah Safitri Aviasi

IFC active members

Capt. Habie Rahman

Ab Initio Pilot – Megah Safitri Aviasi

IFC active members

Capt. Evan Sinaga

Ab Initio Pilot – Megah Safitri Aviasi

IFC active members

Capt. Reynald

Ab Initio Pilot – Megah Safitri Aviasi

IFC active members

Senior Partner Pilot

Capt. Rudy A. H.

Senior Pilot – Garuda

IFC active members

Capt. Avirianto

Senior Pilot

IFC active members

Capt. Novyanto

Senior Pilot

IFC active members

Capt. Faisal A. Zein

Senior Pilot

IFC active members

Mayor Suanda

Senior Pilot

IFC active members

Capt. Deddy Sudarmadi

Senior Pilot

IFC active members

I hope any level of professional pilots that join the Rusty Pilot Indonesia community can maintain their flight proficiencies – Capt. Esther Gayatri

Starting from a group of Aero Sport enthusiast using Experimental aircraft. Indonesia Flying Club was formed legally on April 13, 2004 by the founders with the intention of this flying club to become the home of Aero Sport enthusiast.

The founders finally decided that the Aero Sport activities should be centered in the Swayasa Hangar – Pondok Cabe. This hangar was built by several Swayasa FASI activists, coordinated by the Former Founder, Capt. Chappy Nasution who have noble purpose and great vision for the club.

Captain Esther Gayatri Saleh is the only Woman Experimental Test pilot in Indonesia and Asia.

She is one of the few woman Test pilots in the world in this decade; back in 2017, she was the only woman Experimental Test pilot in the world who flew the first flight of N219 prototype aircraft made in Indonesia as Pilot In Command (PIC).
In 2018, she flew as PIC of the N219 2nd prototype Aircraft.

She hopes any level of professional pilots that join the Rusty Pilot Indonesia community will be able to maintain their flight proficiencies.

“This program is for an old soul Aviator seeking a nostalgic flying experience with a small aircraft that they have done while studying back in flying school or an Active Professional Aviator.”

- Sigit H. Samsu -

Indonesia Flying Club's President

Indonesian Airforce Chief of Staff Visitation to IFC Hangar at Pondok Cabe

This visitiation by the Chief of Staff Indonesian Airforce Fadjar Prasetyo, S.E., M.P.P., C.S.F.A may indicate the Airforce (TNI AU) supporting the development of general aviation and promoting the growth of aviation industry in Indonesia. The visitiation could also be a way for the Airforce to engage with the civilian aviation community and understand their needs and challenges.

IFC Goes to Selangor Aviation Show 2022

Indonesia Flying Club is attending the Selangor Aviation Show 2022. The Selangor Aviation Show is a large aviation event that is held in Selangor, Malaysia. The event typically showcases the latest advancements in aviation technology and innovation, including the latest aircraft models, air traffic management systems, and other aviation-related products and services.

Nostalgic Joyflight with Capt. Berry

Indonesia Flying Club facilitates Rusty Pilot Program activities, in this activity entitled – Rusty Pilot Nostalgic Joyflight with Capt. Berry, he finally flying again with “The Legendary Cessna 172” after 44 Years since 1979.

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