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Rusty Pilot is a term used to describe a pilot who has not flown in a while and may need to refresh their knowledge and skills before returning to the cockpit, you’re become rusty.¬†

Indonesia Flying Club Rusty Pilots program that provides resources, training, and support to help lapsed or inactive pilots get back into flying. This program offers a range of resources, including online courses, in-person seminars, flight reviews, and more, to help pilots refresh their knowledge and skills, regain their confidence, and become proficient pilots once again.

About Rusty Pilot Program


With Sport Pilot License, get more flying experience in a Hobby Oriented flight training program for you who have a desire to take your flying hobby seriously.

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Because ‘life is a journey’ We offer you flight experience to challenge your adrenaline in the sky with our professional certified pilot and our aircraft.

Pilot Community

Join Our Pilot Community, Sharing, Discussion and Maintain your Knowledge about Aviation in our Forum and Gain your flight hours. Come, Learn and Fly!

With Our Program, We offer you flight experience more fun.

By providing this program and valuable activities, We wants to be a venue for those who have the passion to fly. Because ‘life is a journey’ We offer you flight experience to challenge your adrenaline in the sky with our professional certified pilot and our aircraft, definitely much more fun.

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In the Flight Review, defined in CASR 61.56 (a), requires a minimum of one hour of ground training and one hour of flight training for all pilots every two years. The flight training must come from a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). The ground instruction can come from the same CFI, another CFI, or a Certified Ground Instructor.

With the Indonesia Flying Club’s compassion and concern for The Rusty Aviators, we compile and dedicate this formula¬† as a supporting facility for the Rusty Pilot program to gain their sense of flying skills again and facilitate them in increasing knowledge and sharing aviation knowledge by senior pilots/pilot instructors in order to maintain skills and maintain knowledge with our new Approach, a lot more fun experience.

Sigit H. Samsu

Sigit H. Samsu

IFC President

I’m a Student Pilot and Aviation Enthusiast.

A Letter from IFC President

The Indonesia Flying Club (IFC) is a club for aviation enthusiasts seeking to explore all things related to flying. Whether you are a pilot or just have a keen interest in aviation, IFC provides a platform for members to learn, share and grow their passion for flying. Our community is made up of both domestic and international members, all of whom are united by a common love for flying. Through our online forum, social media channels and various events, we aim to foster a closer community of pilots and aviation enthusiasts in Indonesia and beyond.

We believe in the power of flight. We believe in the possibilities it opens up for people and businesses. And we believe that everyone deserves a chance to experience the joy of flight.
At Indonesia Flying Club, we make flying more accessible and affordable for everyone. We offer a variety of courses and programs tailored to meet the needs of students, professionals, and businesses. Whether you’re looking to get your pilot’s license or just fly for fun, we have something for you.
We are dedicated to making flying more accessible and affordable for everyone. So come join us at Indonesia Flying Club, and dare to fly higher!

Sigit H. Samsu

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