Cessna 152

Capacity 2 Person

Speed 85 - 95 Knot

Maximum Altitude 14.000 ft

Engine Power 110 Bhp

Endurance 3 Hrs

Fuel Avgas 100 LL, 37,5 U.S Gallon

Full service aircraft in Pondok Cabe AirPort (WIHP)

Ready to take off? Our aircraft at Pondok Cabe Air Strip has everything you need right here. From serviceable aircraft for joyflight, we are your one-stop destination for all your aviation needs.

Our highly experienced personnel ensure nothing but the best services, guaranteed! From pre-flight to post flight — with whoever your joyflight is, we asure you it will be more fun and we got you covered.

Take a leap of faith with us, and fly high in the air!

Joyflight Exploring Plan

When you fly domestically in most parts of the world, you have air traffic control’s radar backing you up. What about when oceanic or remote? You become the backup and you do that by plotting.

Ready for the ultimate Joyflight experience? Our experienced team creates unique onboard experience with plenty of activities, shows that you will never forget! Plus, you can explore beautiful area and enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

Start planning your Joyflight today and explore the best exploring spots around the area from the sky with us. Now that’s what we call an #JoyflightExperience!

Navigation Accuracy Check

No longer requires you do navigation accuracy checks, but still says you should. I think you really should. Don’t forget to remember, feel and taste your last memory with your analog navigation from your flying school. Its Cessna, bite the moment folks!

Understand Limitation of Your Aircraft

Maverick’s maybe wild and little bit ignorant. Off course he knew the limitation of his ride. That’s why we should, we’re not Maverick. Don’t worry, you’ll get a maximum endurance of your flight with the specified aircraft choosen.

Certified Aircraft

Flying an aircraft is no small task. It requires a great deal of knowledge, experience, and preparation. One of the most important steps in preparing to fly is to make sure you have all of the necessary documents required for the flight. There are many different documents that are needed for aircraft operations, and it is important to know what documents are required for the type of flight you are planning.

All the serviceable aircraft we use for this Program are fully documented such as Airworthiness Certificate, Radio Communication Permit and Aircraft Insurance.

Rusty Pilot – IFC


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Pondok Cabe Airport (WIHP)
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Jl. Pondok Cabe Raya
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